The Australia Council For the Arts has unveiled a revitalized cultural home for the country at Venice Giardini della Biennale. Designed by melbourne-based practice Denton Corker Marshall, the granite-clad building is the first 21st century pavilion built on the site, and replaces the previous structure completed by Philip Cox in 1988. Conceived as a white volume set within a black box, the scheme seeks to embody a singular, contemporary aesthetic designed to appear as a sculptural object integrated within the giardini’s historic landscape. A key feature of the project are the façade’s operable panels that open and close according to the needs of the individual exhibition. The space will be inaugurated at the city’s 56th international art exhibition by Australia’s artist representative fiona hall. Her work, which encompasses a range of media from sculpture to video art, will create a multi sensory experience of sights and sounds with her installation titled ‘Wrong Way Time’.

The 2015 Venice Art Biennale runs from May 9 to November 22, 2015.

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